Kentsfield motherboard compatibility revealed

Word got out back in August that some P965-based motherboards might support Intel's upcoming quad-core "Kentsfield" processors. The folks at AnandTech took it upon themselves to ask seven major motherboard manufacturers about the matter, and while they only received timely answers from five of the companies, they've compiled a handy list of motherboards that will be able to hop aboard the quad-core bandwagon. Asus, Biostar, ECS, Gigabyte, and MSI answered the call, and a sizeable chunk of P965 boards look like they will in fact support Core 2 Quad chips. Asus, for instance, will have quad-core support in its P5B, P5B-E, P5B Deluxe, and P5B Deluxe Wifi-AP Edition motherboards, as well as the G965-powered P5B-V. As for Gigabyte, the company says it will support Kentsfield with upcoming revisions of its 965 and even 945-based motherboards, but that it is still waiting on test results to detail which current board revisions are already compatible.
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