Zune, iPod pictured together

If you’ve been wondering how Microsoft’s upcoming Zune portable media player physically compares to the iPod, Jake Ludington over at MediaBlab has gotten his hands on a Zune and taken some pictures of it next to an 80GB iPod. While it’s only half an inch bigger, the Zune’s display looks much larger than the iPod’s. Of course, so does the rest of the device: the Zune appears noticeably thicker and bulkier than the iPod, and Apple’s 80GB model is itself a little plumper than the 30GB version that’ll be competing against the Zune. Mr. Ludington does say the Zune feels like it weighs “considerably less” than the 5.5-ounce 80GB iPod, although that impression is odd, since Microsoft has quoted a 5.6-ounce weight for the Zune. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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