Intel buys stake in PowerVR maker

Intel has fueled rumors about its graphics processor plans by purchasing a $9.88 million stake in Imagination Technologies, the British company behind the PowerVR graphics architecture. The purchase, which represents 2.9% of Imagination Technologies, goes together with an extension of Intel's licensing and deployment agreement over the use of Imagination's IP in Intel's PC, mobile, and consumer architectures in "certain segments." Intel has licensed PowerVR technology a number of times in the past, as well.

Interestingly, Imagination CEO Hossein Yassaie is quoted in his company's press release as saying, "Our relationship with Intel ... has reached a new stage that will see the companies working together to enable a growing range of Intel processors with Imagination’s industry-leading graphics and video capabilities." Unless Yassaie is referring to graphics processors, this statement could be confirmation of Intel's purported plans to integrate graphics cores with microprocessors. AMD is already planning something similar.

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