Serial ATA finally to replace IDE in DVD burners?

Intel has been desperately trying to squeeze IDE out of the market in favor of Serial ATA for the past couple of years, with its ICH7 south bridges dropping an IDE channel and ICH8 south bridges lacking an IDE controller altogether. Optical drive makers have so far stayed largely oblivious to this trend, but they may now be getting the hint at last. According to DigiTimes, Samsung, Pioneer, Lite-On, and BenQ all plan to launch new Serial ATA DVD burners before the end of the year. Their drives will complement current SATA offerings from Plextor, but they may not carry the same hefty price premiums: a Lite-On SATA combo drive listed on Newegg has a price tag of just $28.49, for instance, although it's currently out of stock. Nonetheless, DigiTimes says Serial ATA has a chance to replace IDE altogether as the standard mainstream interface for DVD burners in the second half of next year.
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