New mid-range ATI graphics cards close to launch

ATI has a couple of new desktop graphics processors nearing introduction, X-bit labs says. The chips in question are code-named RV570 and RV60, and the report says they have received validation from the PCI Special Interest Group, meaning they should be production-ready.

Previous rumors suggest the RV570 will be deployed in a new $199-249 Radeon X1950 Pro graphics card and that the RV560 will follow in a $149-199 Radeon X1650 Pro, although X-bit labs quotes a Radeon X1700 name for the latter. The RV570 will reportedly have 36 pixel shader processors, 12 texture units, and a 256-bit memory bus, while the RV560 should have 24 pixel shader processors, eight texture units, and a 128-bit memory bus. Leaked ATI slides have suggested that the RV570 will outperform Nvidia's GeForce 7900 GT and that the RV560 will one-up the GeForce 7600 GT. However, we'll have to see how these rumored cards stack up against Nvidia's new $199 GeForce 7900 GS.

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