First 45nm quad-core Intel chips coming in Q3 '07?

Just as word is beginning to circulate that AMD's first quad-core desktop chips will hit stores in the third quarter of next year, the folks at VR-Zone have heard that that Intel is also planning to release a new desktop processor around the same time frame. The chip in question, dubbed "Yorkfield XE," will reportedly be built using Intel's 45nm Penryn core. As Intel disclosed at IDF last week, Penryn will be a shrink and/or derivative of current Core 2 chips built using 45nm process technology. VR-Zone's story says the Yorkfield XE chip will have four cores clocked at a blazing-fast 3.46-3.73GHz, a total 12MB of cache, and a front-side bus speed of either 1,066MHz or 1,333MHz. The story also seems to suggest that, despite the large cache, Yorkfield XE's die size will be smaller than that of Intel's upcoming 65nm "Kentsfield" quad-core processor.
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