Sony battery recall party gets a little bigger

Fujitsu joined the growing number of notebook vendors recalling batteries late last week, and the company has now disclosed the extent of its recall. Fujitsu says it will replace 287,000 Sony batteries, bringing the known worldwide total of recalled Sony batteries to 7.64 million—4.2 million for Dell, 1.8 million for Apple, 830,000 for Toshiba, and 526,000 for Lenovo.

Affected Fujitsu notebooks include Lifebook P1510, P1510D, P7120, P7120D, S7020, S7020D, S7025, S7025D, C1320, and C1320D models, as well as some other notebooks only found on the Japanese market. However, Fujitsu points out that its recall was not prompted by any user complaints, but rather by Sony’s global replacement program. Fujitsu’s notebook customer service help desk can be reached via this page.

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