Asetek promises cheap water cooling system

The company famous for its VapoChill vapor phase cooling systems has struck again with a new compact liquid cooling solution. Asetek claims its Low Cost Liquid Cooling (LCLC) system is cheap, ultra-compact, easy to install, quiet, and that it requires no maintenance. The company doesn't elaborate on the low price claim in its product brochure (PDF) beyond saying the LCLC will compete with air cooling solutions, but it adds that the cooling system integrates pump, reservoir, and cold plate in a device "smaller than a traditional heatsink."

Despite its small size, the LCLC can purportedly handle either two processors or a single processor together with a graphics card. Asetek says the LCLC will be aimed at high-end gaming machines, workstations, and small form factor systems, and it suggests that PC vendors and original design manufacturers will find it to be a "compelling choice" due to its low price and lack of maintenance requirements.

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