AMD validates Chartered for 65nm production

Singaporean foundry Chartered Semiconductor has received AMD's stamp of approval for production of 65nm processors. Chartered will kick off volume production of 65nm AMD chips some time in the second half of 2007, becoming an extra source of 65nm processors on top of AMD's own Fab 36. The foundry is already supplying 90nm chips for AMD, and it has been doing so since June. DigiTimes reckons Chartered will play a critical part in helping AMD carry out its plan of being mostly converted to 65nm production by the end of 2007.

Aside from AMD chips, Chartered will also begin producing 65nm "Xenon" processors for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console in the first quarter of 2007. Nvidia is said to have signed Chartered as a second supplier of chips for GeForce 7100 GS budget graphics cards, as well.

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