Analyst says demo PlayStation 3s overheated

Sony looks to be going through tough times lately. After the postponement of the PlayStation 3’s European launch and the near-eight million Sony battery recalls announced over the past few weeks, Sony’s PlayStation 3 is now said to have made a poor showing at the Tokyo Game Show late last month. An analyst for Macquarie Equities reported that demo PS3 consoles on display at the show “operated erratically and had to be repeatedly reset.” The analyst attributed the problem to overheating possibly triggered by high temperatures on the show floor and added, “We are concerned that such a problem has occurred so close to full production.”

Indeed, the PS3 is about five weeks away from launch in Japan and six weeks away in the United States, so the presumed overheating problems may not bode well for final retail units. However, a Sony spokeswoman told the Associated Press that Sony’s kiosk at the Tokyo Game Show housed 200 PS3s “clustered together in close proximity,” and that overheating problems encountered in such conditions will not apply to home users.

Update: Sony Computer Entertainment International has responded to the allegations by calling the analyst’s report “unsubstantiated” and saying it was not aware of any incidents at the Tokyo Game Show where PS3 consoles needed to be rebooted. Sony did however reiterate that the show floor conditions were extraordinary and that “if indeed, there was the occasional unit that needed rebooting,” it was not due to general problems with the PS3.

Meanwhile, Sony Europe told, “SCE can categorically deny that there’s any problems with PS3 units overheating.”

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