Poll: Your favorite game genre

We spend a lot of time covering graphics cards here at TR, but despite recent forays into general purpose computing, those cards are largely used to play games. That brings us to our latest poll question: which game genre do you prefer? Do you spend every waking hour nose-deep in an online RPG, are you fonder of first-person shooters like Counter-Strike: Source, or are you happier to sit in front of your TV and play the latest Madden? Vote and let us know!

Processor cores were the subject of last week's poll; more specifically, how many cores are enough for a desktop PC. The largest portion of voters—just over a third—think dual cores are fine. 26% would prefer four cores, and 25% will take as many cores as Intel and AMD are capable of cramming onto a piece of silicon. The rest are split between 6% of voters who think a single core is enough, an additional 6% who want eight cores, and the remaining 3% who reckon we ought to stop at 16.

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