Phantom Lapboard to launch in November

Phantom Entertainment, the company previously known as Infinium Labs, finally intends to ship its first product soon. Gizmodo says the company has revealed that it will introduce its Phantom Lapboard wireless keyboard and mouse combo some time next month at a retail price of $129.95. Users can already order the Lapboard from Phantom’s online store, and pre-orders are eligible for a $30 rebate via the “GODIGITAL” coupon code.

Phantom’s Lapboard combines a keyboard, laser mouse, and mouse pad in a single, fairly compact unit that can—as its name suggests—be operated on a user’s lap. The Lapboard received some praise when it was first demonstrated alongside the now-defunct Phantom game console two years ago, but whether it can succeed as an individual product with a $100+ price tag remains to be seen.

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