Rumor Patrol: Aureallimot, MicroPengiuns, etc.

Vortex of Sound is reporting on the ongoing saga of what's left of Aureal, the would-be leaders in sound card tech. Among the highlights:
  • Guillemot is still the leading bidder with $8 million for Aureal
  • Creative has placed a bid (boo, hiss/crackle/pop/distort)
  • NVIDIA has not
Someone's going to pick up the Vortex chips and A3D. Let's hope it's a company that will do The Right Thing with Aureal's assets.

Meanwhile, the Winformant has word that Microsoft is porting its Office suite to Linux and other Unices:

"What they're doing, basically, is porting Microsoft's Windows applications to Linux," said an Israeli software developer I spoke with last week. "Mainsoft's research and development team, located in Lod, Israeli, is working with Microsoft employees from Redmond and a small group of developers from France, [where Mainsoft originated]. The goal is for Microsoft's applications to run on Linux."
Some folks are confounded by this news, but I see every reason for MS to do the port, and very few reasons not to. Split or intact, anti-trust pressure or no, it just makes good business sense for MS to compete in the Linux space, in my view.

By the way, Ronald Hanaki sent me the tips for these two items. Which raises an interesting question: Why doesn't Mr. Hanaki have a nick like the rest of us? Maybe we should have a little contest to pick a nick for our resident newsmaster. Hmmmm?

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