Battlefield 2142 demo released into the wild

EA has released a demo of Battlefield 2142, the upcoming sequel to Digital Illusions' first-person multiplayer games Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2. Battlefield 2142 takes place 136 years in the future, in a world hit by a sudden ice age where nations and coalitions fight over remaining land and resources. The Battlefield 2142 demo comes with one map, dubbed the Sidi Power Plant, two game modes (Titan and Conquest,) and gamers can play as either European Union or Pan Asian Coalition forces. The demo can be downloaded from FileShack, 3D Gamers, FilePlanet, GamersHell, and GameSpot. Those anxious to play will probably want to go make some coffee while the demo downloads, though; the demo weighs in at a whopping 1.08GB.
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