Quad-core support added to Gigabyte 965 boards

A number of Gigabyte motherboards have gained support for Intel's upcoming "Kentsfield" quad-core processors via new BIOS updates. Boards and updated BIOS versions that bring quad-core support are as follows:

Motherboard model

BIOS version
GA-965P-DQ6 F6 or later
GA-965P-DS4 F6 or later
GA-965P-DS3 F7 or later
GA-965P-S3 F6 or later
GA-965G-DS4 F2 or later
GA-965G-DS3 F5 or later
GA-965G-S2 F2 or later

These latest BIOS revisions don't seem to be available for download just yet, but Gigabyte says they'll appear here.

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