New EvoStream power supply joins OCZ's portfolio

Fond of diversifying its product lines, OCZ has added yet another power supply to its growing PSU lineup. The new 600W EvoStream PSU is reminiscent of OCZ's older ModStream model, but with one major difference: its entire array of cables is modular, from the 20+4-pin ATX motherboard power cable to its Molex and PCI Express power connections. These cables all come in a separate bundle and plug into the back of the PSU, which should allow for some pretty selective cable management.

Unlike OCZ's GameXStream power supply, though, the EvoStream doesn't cool itself with a single quiet 120mm fan and doesn't have the same rated 80%+ efficiency. And unlike OCZ's PowerStream models, the 'EvoStreams warranty coverage is just three years. That said, the EvoStream does have active power factor correction, quadruple +12V rails, and a beefy 600W power rating. Coupled with fully modular cabling, those features could make this new offering an interesting choice for enthusiasts who prefer tidy cabling over low noise levels or long warranties.

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