Ageia releases RealityMark benchmarking software

Shortly after joining Futuremark's 3DMark Benchmark Development Program, the company behind the PhysX physics accelerator card has introduced a benchmark of its own. Dubbed RealityMark, Ageia's new app is essentially a version of the original Cell Factor demo turned into a benchmark. RealityMark runs a 38-second scripted Cell Factor sequence twice in a row: once with hardware PhysX acceleration enabled, and then a second time using software physics. Average frame rate numbers for each run are then computed and displayed in a chart at the end. Oddly, though, this chart displays a "default" hardware-accelerated result of 35.23 FPS if RealityMark is run on a system without a PhysX card installed.

For users who feel like showing off their new PhysX card, or even those without PhysX cards who don't mind Ageia making their PCs look inadequate, RealityMark can be downloaded from this page. Some release notes are available here, and a list of frequently asked questions about the benchmark can be read here.

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