Alienware and Dell go Live!

AMD has announced that PCs certified under its AMD Live! brand are now available from both Alienware and Dell. The AMD Live! certification applies to home theater PCs that meet a number of specific criteria, such as having an Athlon 64 X2 processor with 1GB of RAM, being based on a compact form factor, including a copy of Windows Media Center Edition, and supporting Away Mode BIOS so the system can be put on standby. AMD Live! systems are also required to include the Live! Entertainment Suite, a number of applications designed to help users manage and access their media content.

Neither Alienware nor Dell seem to have updated their respective websites with mention of the new systems yet. However, going by statements from company officials quoted in AMD's press release, Dell's Live! machines will complement its Dimension lineup. As for Alienware, the company's Live! offering will be a DHS system in its media center line; the machine will include an Nvidia GeForce 6150 and nForce 430 integrated graphics chipset combo as well as a "high-power, integrated home theater amplifier" from D2Audio.

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