Opteron could be first to get quad-core treatment

The roadmap for AMD's upcoming next-generation quad-core processors is beginning to appear somewhat clearer despite the scarceness of official information. The folks at ExtremeTech have heard from AMD's Principal Member of Technical Staff Ben Sander that Barcelona, the first iteration of AMD's quad-core architecture, will be introduced under the Opteron brand in mid-2007. This information helps make sense of seemingly conflicting rumors that have seeped out about AMD's quad-core plans and Barcelona itself.

Going by those rumors and ExtremeTech's latest report, AMD will kick off its quad-core launch with "Barcelona" Opterons in the second quarter of next year. Desktop variants dubbed Altair and Altair FX will then follow in the third quarter under the Athlon 64 X4 and Athlon 64 FX brands. This launch schedule would be similar to that of the original K8 core, which was first introduced as the Opteron in April 2003 and then as the Athlon 64 in September 2003.

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