Poll: How much of your music is pirated?

It's no secret that some of you out there have a few MP3s that might not have been obtained through legal channels. Perhaps a friend sent you a couple of tracks via your instant messaging client of choice, or maybe you scour peer-to-peer networks downloading music by the gigabyte. However, considering the advent of legal online music distribution services like iTunes—or even ones without DRM protection like eMusic—and the fact that stores are still filled with entirely legal music CDs, just how much of your music collection was lawfully obtained? That's what we're asking in our latest poll, so feel free to go vote and let us know! We promise not to send any IP addresses to the RIAA.

Last week's poll was about your favorite game genre. Unsurprisingly, the first-person shooter category was the most popular with 33% of votes. RPGs came second with 29%, and real-time strategy was a distant third at 15%. Other genres were decidedly less popular, with only 7% of voters preferring simulators, a paltry 4% favoring adventure games, and the remainder split between other categories and those who play no games at all.

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