news wii and xbox 360 are expensive says sony exec

Wii and Xbox 360 are expensive, says Sony exec

Sony seems to be making a habit of putting its foot in its mouth lately. The company’s European VP recently said consumers won’t mind the PlayStation 3’s four-month delay in Europe, and now Sony’s Australian Managing Director Michael Ephraim has suggested that both Microsoft’s $299-399 Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s upcoming $249 Wii have their prices set too high. In reference to the Wii, Ephraim said the price of the upcoming Nintendo console plus the equivalent of $50 worth of accessories (taking into account differences in U.S. and Australian pricing) will be “a lot to fork out.” As for the Xbox 360, Ephraim called it “pricey,” adding that Microsoft’s content offering for the console is “still not broad enough.” Sony believes the PlayStation 3’s $499-599 price tag will offer good value considering the console’s built-in Blu-ray drive, Cell processor, and features like HDMI output capability.