Beer 1, Fru-fru ice cream 0

I find this amazing. Somebody got tired of Ben & Jerry's sanctimony about dioxin—which apparently was on full diplay at the ice cream company's web site, where they said no level of the substance is acceptable—and called em on it, actually conducting a study to show that Ben & Jerry's ice cream has higher concentrations of dixion than refinery wastewater. Now we know why Rainforest Crunch is so tasty.

Meanwhile, beer gets a boost from researchers who think hops may contain a particularly powerful antioxidant. However:

The only problem with xanthohumol is that you'd have to consume some ``2,000 liters (of beer) per day'' in order to ingest the 10 milligrams or so of daily xanthohumol ``to get the effective concentration for antioxidant activity,'' Buhler pointed out
Start drinking now; it's a short weekend.
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