Dell unveils new gaming notebook, cheaper wide LCD

Following Nvidia's GeForce Go 7950 GTX launch, Dell has updated its XPS M1710 notebook to include the new graphics processor. Interestingly, Dell says the new notebook also features the ability to "tune Intel Core 2 Duo processor performance." Going by a report by Engadget, users will actually be able to overclock the machine's processor. Dell's site still hasn't been fully updated with information regarding the new notebook, though, so there are few other details available.

Together with the new laptop, Dell also has a new addition to its wide-screen LCD monitor lineup. The new E207WFP display reportedly features the same 20.1" panel size and 1680x1050 resolution as Dell's existing 2007WFP model, but with a lower 5ms response time and a price tag of just $289. However, Dell's new introduction does lack a few of the 2007WFP's features, including its USB hub as well as S-Video and composite inputs.

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