Ageia readies PCIe PhysX physics accelerator card

When Ageia introduced its PhysX physics accelerator card earlier this year, some expressed surprise at the company's choice to design the card for 32-bit PCI and not PCI Express. Now, Ageia has apparently developed a PCIe version and intends to show it off at the Digital Life trade show in New York this week. The PCIe PhysX card will become available to the public as part of pre-built gaming PCs this Christmas, although Ageia doesn't specify whether retail cards will also show up at the same time. In addition to the card, Ageia also says the Digital Life show will play host to an "exclusive sneak preview of a series of upcoming games powered by PhysX." Those titles include CellFactor, which is now being made into a full game, as well as Infernal, the Black-Out Saigon add-on pack for Bet On Soldier, and Stoked Rider: Alaska Alien.
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