Microsoft will ship Vista on schedule in Europe

After a month-long limbo period during which Microsoft said it might have to delay the release of Windows Vista in Europe due to the European Commission's antitrust concerns, the company has now finally announced that it will deliver Vista in Europe on schedule. The operating system will become available to volume license business customers in November and to the general European public in January 2007, simultaneously with the rest of the world. Korea will also receive the same treatment despite similar antitrust concerns from the Korea Fair Trade Commission. Microsoft says it has opted to make a "number of changes" to Vista in both Europe and Korea following "constructive dialogue" with antitrust authorities in the two regions.

In response to Microsoft's decision, the European Commission stated that it has "not given a 'green light' to Microsoft to deliver Vista because ... Microsoft must shoulder its own responsibilities to ensure that Vista is fully compliant with EC Treaty competition rules and in particular with the principles laid down in the March 2004 Commission anti-trust decision." Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith said Microsoft recognized that the Commission "does not give 'green lights' for new products," and that the company had not asked for one.

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