Quad-core offensive to begin on November 13?

Various sources are claiming to have a specific date for the introduction of Intel's first quad-core processors. Intel officially announced at IDF that the desktop "Kentsfield" quad-core chip was due some time next month, but The Inquirer says the precise date for the launch is November 14. The site doesn't mention a source for this information. However, PC World is quoting a November 13 date for the launch of "Clovertown," Kentsfield's Xeon-branded sibling, based on an invitation to an HP event. The event will see HP kick off a new line of workstations, and PC World says HP's launch party will coincide with the introduction of Intel's new chips.

Clovertown will be sold as part of a new Xeon 5300 lineup, while Intel has said the first Kentsfield chip will be called Core 2 Extreme. A cheaper Kentsfield variant dubbed Core 2 Quad will could follow in the first quarter of next year.

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