BFG introducees 800W, 1kW power supplies

Better known for its Nvidia-based graphics cards and recent PhysX cards, BFG Tech also dabbles in power supplies. The company has now added two new models to its PSU lineup, which previously topped out at 650W. The new BFG PSUs have power delivery ratings of no less than 800W and 1000W. Both new offerings have quadruple +12V rails, a 4+4-pin processor power connector, and eight 4-pin molex connectors. The 800W model has six Serial ATA power connectors and two PCI Express graphics power connectors, while its 1kW big brother has eight SATA connectors and four PCIe graphics connectors. BFG doesn't elaborate on efficiency or noise levels for the two power supplies, but it claims they both feature "BFG Silent Control Technology."

Interestingly, the fact that a prominent Nvidia graphics card partner is introducing monster PSUs certainly gives credence to rumors that next-gen graphics cards will be extremely power-hungry. Let's hope these are just for Quad SLI.

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