Touch-screen iPod coming for the holiday season?

Rumors about a touch-screen iPod have been circulating for months now, but one of the guys over at Trusted Reviews has had a little chat with an "extremely well informed exec" who works for a manufacturer of iPod accessories. According to the exec, an upcoming sixth-generation iPod with a screen that fills the entire front side of the device is scheduled for a launch in December. The exec's company reportedly intends to release an accessory for the 6G iPod shortly before its launch. About the 6G iPod itself, the exec says it will feature a "virtual" control scheme as described in a recent Apple patent, and he suggests the device will also be able to play back 480p video.

In addition to leaking details about the next iPod, the unnamed exec also echoed reports that the mysterious Apple "iPhone" will launch in January. Apple will supposedly offer a subscription service with the device where "tracks [can] be downloaded for free as long as the subscription was maintained." The iPod maker is said to be in talks with networks about including a trial of the service together with phone contracts.

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