Some iPods shipped with a Windows Trojan

Apple has put up a notice on its support site saying a small number of its video iPods were inadvertently shipped with the RavMonE.exe virus for Windows. Only iPods built after September 12, 2006 may be affected, and Apple says the problem applies to less than 1% of the devices. Nevertheless, RavMonE.exe is a self-propagating backdoor Trojan horse that can allow an attacker to gain near-complete control of an infected Windows system. Apple advises affected users to use iTunes to format/restore their iPods and to check all connected mass-storage devices for viruses. Removal instructions for the Trojan are available here, and you can check our latest forum tidings post and the associated forum thread for anti-virus software recommendations.

Amusingly, Apple's notice states, "As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses." As expected, Microsoft has reacted negatively to the statement. Jonathan Poon, who checks Microsoft products for viruses before shipping, criticized Apple for allowing a virus to slip through its quality checks. Poon added, "Mistakes can happen and smart companies accept responsibility, make things right with the customer, and fix the problems. Lesser companies play the blame game."

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