The boy wonder examines the Pentium 4's innards

Be sure to check out Anand's new article about the Pentium 4's architecture. He runs through the basics of Intel's "NetBurst Microarchitecture," hitting the highlights of the P4's chip and platform design.

Among the more interesting bits is word that the P4's "quad-pumped" (think Quad Data Rate versus DDR) system bus is not a point-to-point architecture. So when it comes time to run multiple CPUs at once on this platform, bandwidth will be shared. Not so with AMD's Athlon platform. Also, Anand reminds us that the P4 will not be an SMP-capable processor—a later revision, code-named Foster, will handle dually duties (and more).

The P4 looks formidable, but it's hard to say whether it will outperform AMD's coming revisions of the Athlon, either in clock-for-clock performance or in terms of price, performance, and availability.

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