news nvidia developing its own cpugpu hybrid

Nvidia developing its own CPU/GPU hybrid?

Chip designs that integrate processors with graphics are a hot concept lately. AMD has announced plans to pursue such designs after its acquisition of ATI, and Intel is believed to be involved in similar efforts, as well. That leaves Nvidia largely out of the CPU game, but according to a story by The Inquirer, the green team isn’t about to give up on a potentially juicy market. The site says it has received confirmation that Nvidia has already begun work on an integrated CPU/GPU design. Work on the part is supposedly being handled by staff Nvidia picked up from Stexar, a startup made up of ex-Intel engineers. Stexar’s CEO was Randy Steck, an Intel veteran who led development of the Pentium Pro, Pentium 2, Pentium 3, and Pentium 4.

Nvidia’s CPU/GPU design is reportedly scheduled for release on a 45nm process some time in 2008. Judging by statements made following the AMD-ATI merger announcement, AMD is also prepping integrated CPU/GPU chips for 2008 on the 45nm node. Thanks to TR reader Chris for the heads-up.