Kentsfield pulled forward to November 1?

Intel's first quad-core desktop processor is coming in less than two weeks, if a report by The Inquirer is to be believed. Previous rumors claimed the chip was due on November 14, one day after its server- and workstation-bound counterpart known as Clovertown. However, Intel is said to have pulled the launch forward a couple of weeks to November 1, perhaps as a countermeasure against the launch of AMD's first 4x4 processor kits, which separate reports also peg some time in November.

Dubbed Core 2 Extreme QX6700, Intel's first desktop quad-core effort will run at 2.66GHz with 8MB of cache and a 1066MHz front-side bus. Taiwanese rumors posted yesterday say the chip will be priced at $999, the same price tag presently held by the dual-core Core 2 Extreme X6800.

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