Panasonic's bulletproof laptop

Well, perhaps not that tough, but Panasonic's newly announced Toughbook 27 looks to be quite a bit more rugged than your run of the mill laptop. Take a look at the story at for the full scoop.

The Toughbook uses a magnesium alloy case claimed to have 20 times the tensile strength of the plastic in most other notebooks. A magnesium alloy frame protects the 12.1 inch LCD. It also features a special steel enclosure for the hard drive to enable it to withstand shock. All in all, a fairly tough package.

But tough doesn't come particularly cheap; the Toughbook weighs in at $4,799 with a 500 MHz PIII. But if you're looking for a laptop that won't break down if you use it to say, beat someone up, it sounds like the Toughbook might fit the bill.

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