Poll: Will you use Internet Explorer 7.0?

The final version of Internet Explorer 7.0 has finally come out, but are Microsoft's promises of better security and page rendering, and shiny new features really enough to coax you into trying the new browser? Do you run an alternative browser like Firefox or Opera and have no intention of moving back to the Microsoft camp? Perhaps you've even made the jump already and are reading this using IE 7.0—whatever your feelings towards the browser, we're interested in hearing about them in our latest poll. Feel free to pop over and vote.

Our previous poll dealt with the touchy subject of music piracy, as we asked how much of your music collection was pirated. As it turns out, a whopping 41% voters say 76-100% of their music comes from illegal sources, while only 19% have no pirated music at all and could probably have an RIAA executive over for dinner without stashing their computer away. The third-largest segment of voters has pirated up to a quarter of their music collection, while those with 26-50% and 51-75% are split about even with 10% and 12% of the vote, respectively.

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