news xbox 360 costs 698 says sony fact sheet

Xbox 360 costs $698, says Sony ‘fact sheet’

Apple may be renowned for how creatively it compares its products to those of the competition, but Sony has now shown that it, too, can play that game. Along with announcing the PlayStation 3’s launch title lineup yesterday, the Japanese company published a “fact sheet” that compares the PS3 to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. The fact sheet says an Xbox 360 system comparable to Sony’s cheapest $499 PS3 costs a staggering $698. This figure is derived from Sony’s claim that the $299 Xbox 360 Core System “requires users to buy” a $100 20GB hard drive, a $199 HD DVD drive, a $50 wireless controller, and a $50 Xbox Live subscription.

Naturally, the $299 Core System doesn’t “require” users to purchase any add-ons in order to play games. Furthermore, Sony apparently ignores the fact that the $399 Xbox 360 “Premium” system includes the hard drive, wireless controller, and Xbox Live subscription. If users wish to add the entirely-optional HD DVD drive, the bundle’s price rises to $598—still $100 below Sony’s quoted figure. Nevertheless, Sony’s logic is definitely interesting; it’s no wonder the company’s Australian Managing Director called the Xbox 360 “pricey” in an interview last week.