Intel to switch sockets in 2008

LGA775 is having a good run. While AMD has introduced three desktop sockets since 2003, Intel has been largely sticking with LGA775 on the desktop for the past couple of years, and leaked roadmaps suggest this strategy might continue until well into next year. However, VR-Zone reports that Intel will finally ditch the socket come 2008. Together with the company's upcoming "Nehalem" architecture, which will supplant Core, the site says Intel will introduce two new sockets dubbed Socket B and Socket H.

Both LGA775-style land grid arrays, the sockets will feature 1,366 and 715 pins, respectively. Socket B's increase in pins will leave room for Intel's Common System Interface—the company's answer to HyperTransport—and an integrated memory controller, which will supposedly both be featured in Nehalem chips. As for Socket H, VR-Zone suggests it will complement Nehalem-based processors without an integrated memory controller.

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