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Hello, guys. Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend. Check out this article from the Rambus website. It describes how much better the technology allegedly is. It is also available as a pdf. (You have to love that car zooming away.)

What I think is most disturbing about Rambus is their outlook. According to this report, all the company seems to care about is their (inflated) stock price: "...Rambus only intends to maintain its stock price and shareholders' interests..." They sure sound like a bunch of bean counters.

If Rambus intends to litigate their way to victory, they will surely have a fight on their hands. Although both Hitachi and Toshiba have signed "sweetheart" deals to avoid litigation, you have to understand that they are both Japanese companies who are not above (or below) throwing money away to get rid of a particular problem. This is just how a lot of business is done in Japan. You can bet Infineon and the other memory makers will not let Rambus hold them hostage. I would think that even Rambus realizes this and some kind of settlement will be worked out. If and when that happens, will it be too little, too late for Rambus to win back the hearts of those in the hardware community?

Both AnandTech's article and this week's IDF are beginning to shed some light on the P4/i850/Rambus platform vs. the AMD, DDR, ALi, and Via platforms. According to The Register, Rambus prices have now dropped to as low as $259 for a stick of 128mb PC800 RDRAM. Price may no longer be an obstacle in this battle, so stay tuned.

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