Routers, storage servers to integrate BitTorrent

Three network device manufacturers have announced plans to integrate native BitTorrent functionality into their routers, network-attached storage (NAS), and media servers. The move stems from a collaborative effort between BitTorrent and Asus, Planex, and QNAP that will result in the following devices gaining native support for the BitTorrent file distribution protocol:

  • ASUS WL-700gE Wireless Storage Router
  • ASUS WL-500gP Router
  • ASUS WL-500gW Router
  • Planex BRC-W14VG-BT Router
  • Planex BRC-14VG-BT Router
  • Planex BRC-W14V-BT Router
  • Planex BLW-HPMM-U Router
  • Planex BLW-HPMM-G Router
  • QNAP TS101 NAS Server
  • QNAP TS-201 NAS Server

The devices will feature a built-in BitTorrent client and download manager, allowing users to schedule and download files without needing to use a standard PC. As this report on Yahoo News points out, integrating BitTorrent into a storage or media server with an integrated hard drive will let users download large files overnight without having to leave their PC on. BitTorrent also sees the initiative as a means to push its protocol in the business sector, where it believes BitTorrent is an efficient and secure way to distribute legitimate content between users.

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