Alienware to bundle Phantom Lapboard

The first product to roll out of Infinium Labs Phantom Entertainment's offices, the Phantom Lapboard, is finally scheduled to hit stores next month, and Alienware has gotten a foot in the door early by placing orders for Lapboards to complement its media center PCs. The Lapboard is a wireless keyboard that can rotate on a hinge to reveal a hard mousing surface, allowing the user to operate both the keyboard and the bundled wireless laser mouse on his lap. Phantom is poising the Lapboard as an ideal solution for home theater or media center PCs, since it can be used from a couch, chair, or any other similar setting where using a standard wireless keyboard and mouse would be inconvenient.

Alienware's DHS 2 media center PC currently ships with a Gyration Ultra GT Compact Keyboard Suite, a wireless keyboard and mouse bundle that tackles the challenge of couch-based mousing by including a wireless mouse with a gyroscopic motion sensor that can be controlled in the air.

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