TR Forum Tidings: Early IE 7.0 adopters

Microsoft released the final version of Internet Explorer 7.0 last week, marking the browser's first major update in over five years. Since then, early adopters have been testing the waters and trying to get accustomed to the new browser. Some of our forum gerbils have made the jump, and Nelliesboo's thread in our Windows forum contains some accounts of their experiences as well as various questions and complaints. For instance, some wonder how to disable IE 7.0's ClearType text antialiasing (the setting is under Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Multimedia), while others lament over seemingly unsquashed bugs related to tabbed browsing and home page settings.

If you've tried IE 7.0, what do you think of the browser? Are you unable to find how to change a particular setting, or did you run into a show-stopping problem? Whatever it is, feel free to register a forum account and hop into the thread to discuss IE 7.0.

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