Sony delays Blu-ray player again

Originally scheduled to come out in July, Sony's BDP-S1 Blu-ray player has been delayed for the second time. This time, EE Times reports, the player isn't expected to hit store shelves until December and perhaps even next year. Sony announced last month that it would delay the launch of its PlayStation 3 console in Europe because of a shortage of blue laser diodes required for the console's built-in Blu-Ray drive. On top of that, Sony recently announced that it might not even meet its lowered shipment targets for the console, so the company's decision to postpone its standalone Blu-ray player isn't surprising.

At this point in time, Samsung's BD-P1000 is the only Blu-ray player available in the U.S. according to our price search engine. However, EE Times says Blu-ray players from Panasonic, Pioneer, and Philips are expected later this fall.

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