NEC hops on the 19" wide-screen LCD bandwagon

20.1" monitors seem to get most of the attention in the wide-screen LCD market, but companies like Acer, Samsung, and ViewSonic are also offering cheaper 19" wide-screen displays with a resolution of 1440x900 instead of 1680x1050 or 1280x1024, which are commonly found on 20.1" wide-screen and standard 19" LCDs, respectively. NEC has now joined the party with a 19" wide-screen LCD monitor dubbed MultiSync 1940WCXM. The display draws up to 1440x900 pixels with a rated response time of 5ms, a contrast ratio of 700:1, and luminosity of 300cd/m². Both DVI and VGA inputs are supported, the display supports wall and arm mounting, and NEC throws in some integrated speakers with a headphone jack, as well. NEC quotes an estimated street price of $269.99 for the display—roughly $19 below the list price for Dell's new 20.1" wide-screen E207WFP.
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