Gigabyte motherboard gets Vista Premium-certified

Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) in Taiwan has certified Gigabyte's GA-945P-DS3 2.0 motherboard under the Windows Vista Premium logo, Gigabyte has announced. According to an article posted by DigiTimes last week, the Vista Premium logo certification process involves extensive testing and bug chasing, including no less than 43 tests pertaining to systems, chipsets, software, durability, and reliability. ASRock's 945P-based ConRoeXFire-eSATA2 received Vista Premium validation last week, and Gigabyte's GA-945P-DS3 2.0 could provide a similar alternative in roughly the same price range, albeit likely without the ASRock board's hacked-in AGP slot. Judging by Gigabyte's naming scheme, the GA-945P-DS3 2.0 will be an updated version of Gigabyte's current GA-945P-S3 with solid-state capacitors.
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