Dell about to unleash a sub-$500 AMD notebook?

After desktops and servers, Dell is getting ready to unveil some cheap notebooks based on AMD processors, according to DigiTimes. The first machine will come early next month with a 15.4" wide-screen display and a price tag of just $449-499, and Dell will reportedly add a 17" model in the first quarter of next year. If this report is true, the 15.4" notebook's release will come shortly after AMD's price cuts on its Mobile Sempron line earlier this week. Mobile Sempron 3200+, 3400+, and 3500+ processors for Socket S1 previously sat in the $107-142 range, but the chips are now listed for $86, $86, and $107, respectively. AMD also introduced a new 3600+ model priced at $134. The four single-core chips are clocked between 1.6GHz and 2.0GHz and pack either 256KB or 512KB of cache.
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