Nvidia already at work on 65nm chips

Only one graphics card with a GPU based on 80nm technology has graced Nvidia's product line so far—the notebook-bound GeForce Go 7700—but the company is already working on 65nm graphics processors. In a press release about its partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, or TSMC, Nvidia states the following:
NVIDIA and TSMC began high-volume production in 1998 when NVIDIA was developing processors on the 0.35 micron technology node. Today, NVIDIA leverages TSMC's process technology leadership and is producing processors on the 65nm node in state-of-the-art 300mm fabs.
TSMC opened for business at its low-power 65nm node in May of this year. The Taiwanese foundry said it would kick off "risk production" of its high-performance 65nm process in the third quarter and that a general-purpose 65nm process would follow later on.
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