Poll: How many computers are you running at home?

Considering the increasing popularity of laptops and the decreasing cost of computers in general, many of us are bound to be using more than one computer at home. In our latest poll, we're inquiring about the extent of this computing polygamy. Are you an old-school type with just one system, or is your house/apartment filled with Macs, PCs, media center systems, and miscellaneous machines, all of which you use regularly? Whatever category you happen to fit into, feel free to hop over to our poll and vote!

In our last poll, we quizzed you on whether you were going to adopt Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 7.0. "Alternative" browsers seem to be a lot more popular among those polled, considering 58% of our 2,546 voters are happier to stick with a non-Microsoft browser like Firefox or Opera. 20% say they'll probably give the new Microsoft browser a shot, though, and 16% have already made the jump. Finally, 6% of voters don't even run Windows, so they're unlikely to switch to Internet Explorer 7.0 for their primary browsing needs anytime soon.

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