Vista pricing scheme doesn't sit well with Acer

Acer is expressing discontent over Microsoft's pricing scheme for Windows Vista. As announced last month, Microsoft intends to sell two "home" versions of Windows Vista: one so-called Vista Home Basic version that will cost the same as Windows XP Home, and a pricier Vista Home Premium edition. However, in an interview with UK magazine PC Pro, Acer Senior VP Jim Wong has said Vista Home Basic will be rejected by consumers because of its missing features, and that Microsoft will effectively be forcing consumers to go with Vista Home Premium.

"The new [Vista] experience you hear of, if you get Basic, you won't feel it at all," says Wong. Indeed, Vista Home Basic will lack the Aero user interface, media center functionality, tablet PC support, and DVD authoring. Wong says Vista Home Premium is "the real Vista," but that because its OEM license costs 10% more than Vista Home Basic's, "[Acer will have] to pay more but users are not going to pay more." The total cost of building a system will go up by 1-2%, he claims—an unwelcome hike considering the small size of margins in the consumer PC business. PC Pro says other PC vendors also have no plans to ship systems with Vista Home Basic due to a perceived lack of demand. Thanks to The Register for the tip.

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