ATI readying an 80nm-based budget Radeon

Word has it in Hong Kong that ATI will soon introduce a $49 graphics card with a graphics processor based on 80nm process technology. To be christened Radeon X1300 CE, the card will sport an RV505 graphics processor, which older rumors list as one of four 80nm GPUs—RV570, RV560, RV516, and RV505—on ATI's immediate roadmap. The RV570 has already made its appearance in the new Radeon X1950 Pro, and the RV560 is said to be coming in a cheaper Radeon X1650 XT.

Few rumors have seeped out about the RV516, but HKEPC says the RV505-powered Radeon X1300 CE is coming in November with a 350MHz core clock speed, up to 256MB of onboard DDR2-400 memory, and HyperMemory support to allocate 256MB of system RAM via PCI Express. The card's power consumption will reportedly be 30% lower than the Radeon X1300 LE's, too, which could allow for passive cooling.

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