Firefox's adoption rate fares well against IE7's

A post on the blog of Mozilla's "user experience lead" Mike Beltzner says Firefox 2.0 has seen a whopping two million early adopters within the first 24 hours of its official launch last week. This figure may be somewhat meaningless on its own, but when stacked up against similar statistics from Microsoft, it gives an interesting idea of the open-source browser's popularity. According to the MSDN IEBlog, Internet Explorer 7.0 had only been downloaded around three million times four days after its release two weeks ago.

The two figures aren't necessarily comparable, but they certainly seem to show Firefox in a good light, especially considering IE 7.0's launch was accompanied by marketing efforts including a radio spot and "mobile billboards that cruised through 10 major U.S. cities." Of course, IE 7.0's adoption rate is likely to increase dramatically once Microsoft begins pushing the new browser via Windows XP's Automatic Updates later this week.

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