TR's 7th anniversary giveaway—day two

Today is the second day of our seven-year anniversary giveaway, and I get to give away the next prize. For those who missed the news yesterday, we're giving away a stack of hardware over seven days. Some of our winners have already been chosen for their contributions to TR, but others will be selected at random. Be sure to get yourself signed up, and remember: only one entry per person and one entry per mailing address.

Giveaways like this wouldn't be possible without sponsors. Abit deserves a shout out for kicking in Fatal1ty AN9 32X and IL-90MV motherboards and a set of digital iDome DS 500 speakers for us to dole out.

We'll dig into those goodies a little later this week. Today, we're giving away a GeForce 7900 GS from XFX to a forum member whose contributions cannot be ignored, if only because they're so numerous. This prize goes to LicketySplit, our top forum poster, who has penned over 21,600 posts since January of 2002. That's more than a dozen posts per day, and just under 3.5% of all the posts in our forums. LicketySplit, please contact us to claim your prize.
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